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Our Rates and Services

Collect A Debt (Pty) Ltd – Debt Recovery & Tracing Solutions can immediately recover your outstanding accounts. With our commission only rates, recovering your outstanding accounts has never been more economical. With no upfront fee and a customized collection programme, your recovery and financial growth from collections are greatly increased. Our specialized software and trained staff have set a new standard for recovery and our programmes include a variety of collection tools that are designed to locate, contact, report and secure payment on all accounts.
How to start the process: To place accounts for debt collection, simply complete and submit the Online Instruction form. Should you have any questions or would like to discuss your particular needs before we get started, please click here to contact us.
Prepare and gather all documents relating to the matter/s that you intend handing over e.g. Credit agreement, statements, invoices, e-mails, POD’s, or any documents that will prove your claim etc.
Contact us and provide us with following information:
  • Age of debt
  • Number of account to hand over
  • Amount due to you
The information will enable us to calculate the percentage collection commission offer, based on the information from you. Our terms and conditions will then be sent to you and will include the collection commission percentage.
Accept our offer and return the signed terms and conditions documents via e-mail, mail or delivery via courier, to mandate to us to proceed with your matters.
Send us all the information and documentation e.g. credit agreements, e-mails, statements, invoices about the debtor and the debt as gathered in step 1.


Rates are charged on a results driven basis which is called collection commission.
Instructions to us are assigned on a “no collection – no fee” basis. This means that if we cannot collect then you will not pay any commission (T&C apply).
Our collection commission rate is determined by the age of the debt as follows:
  • 10% collection commission rate for 30 days overdue on service date/invoice date
  • 15% collection commission rate for 60 days overdue on service date/invoice date
  • 20% collection commission rate for 90 days overdue on service date/invoice date
  • 25% collection commission rate for 120 days overdue on service date/invoice date
  • 30% collection commission rate for 150 days overdue on service date/invoice date
The above rate also includes legal action taken by us against the debtor.
We collect overdue accounts from 30 days overdue up to 3 years overdue.
We collect all debt types EXCEPT rental collections.
Our tracing service is included should you not know the whereabouts of the debtor.
Collection commission is charged on all monies / goods received by you after the handover date.
Collection commission is charged on matters that are withdrawn by you after 7 days after hand over.
Kindly contact us for a copy of our terms and conditions.

All Inclusive Call Center Debt Collection Service

  • Debt collection service
  • Trace the debtor free of charge
  • Legal action with the assistance of a firm of attorneys.

No Collection – No Charge Policy

  • Our clients are assured that they will only pay a predetermined fixed percentage commission on successful recoveries.
  • No upfront fees are payable.

Attorney Forwarding For Legal Action

  • Our firm has partnered with national and international networks to provide comprehensive collection services when needed.
  • We provide you with the benefit of a fully inclusive service at no extra cost, except in defended cases.
  • We don’t just do debt collection, we take action.

No Legal Fees

  • We carry the risk.
  • Options include non-litigation (no legal action is required).
  • Pre-litigation (warning that legal action will be taken).
  • Letters / contact and litigation & legal action commencement.
  • You pay us commission on successful collections only.

Specialised Commercial Service

  • Our staff are trained to deal with business to business transactions.
  • We have current access to establish directorship/membership of companies or close corporations.
  • We get past the gatekeeper and identify the decision maker.
  • We overcome the objections.
  • We convince your customer it is in their best interest to settle the account.

Same Day Service

We guarantee that our first letter of demand will be sent on the same day as the handover date to the debtor notifying them of your hand over.

Immaculate Track Record

Our 20 years’ experience is synonymous with honesty, integrity and trust.

Field Collectors Do Personal Visits

We offer our clients the assurance that where no contact between ourselves and the debtor is made we will appoint at our own expense registered field debt collectors to visit debtors.

Tracing Facilities

Throughout the years we have built on a database of absconded debtors and rehabilitated debtors. Our database is designed to do cross-referencing and matching. Additional information is obtained from credit bureaus were possible.

Efficient Mailing Department

We have an in-house mailing department that ensures fast and efficient letter runs to all debtors, mailing twice a day.


We are legally bound by statute to adhere to a strict industry Code of Conduct and comply.

Experienced Staff

Our experienced collectors have been through the collections wars and have over 40 years’ experience. They have been through the legal processes and have seen and experienced situations of all types.
Not sure of what actions to take? Is any action necessary? Collect A Debt offers assistance and guidance.

International Collections

You can submit this application online via our website.