Rates & Services

Our Rates and Services

Collect A Debt (Pty) Ltd has the capacity and technology to with immediate effect start the recovery process. With our commission-only rates, recovering your outstanding accounts has never been more economical, and is simple to understand with no hidden cost. With no upfront fee, and a customized collection programme, your recovery and financial growth from collections is greatly increased.
Our specialized debt collection software and trained staff have set a new standard for recovery. Our programmes include a variety of collection tools that are designed to locate, contact, report and secure payment on your accounts.
4 easy steps to start the handing over process:
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4 Easy Steps To Handover



Before you can hand over your debts it is important that you understand how we work and what we offer. Therefore we will require that you sign a “Memorandum of Agreement” that stipulates the way forward and the terms. We don’t want unhappy clients hence the total transparency as we understand our industry and vocabulary might be new to you.

This must be completed and signed by you and will include the pre quoted and agreed collection commission percentage that we will charge on all successful collections and when we will be eligible to charge this. This will also mandate us to proceed against your debtors.

You will only be required to sign one agreement and can decide henceforth on your own terms when you want to hand over more debtors. You will only be required to sign up once for life.



In order for us to send you the correct collection commission rate “Memorandum of Agreement” we need to pre-quote you on the collection commission rate on successful collection.

Rates are charged on a result-driven basis and is pre-quoted on a percentage basis in section 5.1 of the agreement.


  • 10% collection commission rate for 30 days overdue on service date/invoice date
  • 15% collection commission rate for 60 days overdue on service date/invoice date
  • 20% collection commission rate for 90 days overdue on service date/invoice date
  • 25% collection commission rate for 120 days overdue on service date/invoice date
  • 30% collection commission rate for 150 days overdue on service date/invoice date

The above rates is inclusive of legal action should legal action be taken.

Kindly contact us telephonically on 041-373 3000; or via email (marketing@collectadebt.co.za) and make mention of the following information:

  1. Age of the debt – service date/invoice date of the debt
  2. Number of account that you will be handing over
  3. Estimates amounts that you will be handing over



After receiving the agreement you need to initial each page, compete your details in the last section and return this to our offices via the same email address that you received the agreement. Hereafter you can send your hand over instructions to us without any further confirmation from our side or approval.



Prepare and gather all documents relating to the debts that you want to hand over. The more information you provide, the better the chances of recovery.

Provide as much as possible information i.e. credit agreements, statements, invoices, emails, proof of delivery documentation and any other documentation that you can think that will prove your claim sufficiently as if you are in front of a magistrate and you need to convince him/her that the services you provided are genuine and legally due and payable.

Should you require any assistance and need to ask any questions please contact us. We will gladly assist. The following contact options are available to you:

  1. Contact us telephonically on 041-3733000 and ask for marketing department
  2. Send us an email on info@collectadebt.co.za
  3. Click on “How can I help you?”, to speak directly to us via WhatsApp.

On receipt of the instructions you will receive a confirmation from us that the instruction/s were received. You will also receive a NEW ACCOUNT LISTING REPORT after your accounts are uploaded onto our database confirming the names of the debtors, amount and the date it was uploaded


  • 10% collection commission rate for 30 days overdue on service date/invoice date
  • 15% collection commission rate for 60 days overdue on service date/invoice date
  • 20% collection commission rate for 90 days overdue on service date/invoice date
  • 25% collection commission rate for 120 days overdue on service date/invoice date
  • 30% collection commission rate for 150 days overdue on service date/invoice date
The above rates include legal action taken by us against your debtor on condition it is within our jurisdiction.
We will provide you with our detailed terms and conditions after we have received your enquiry but provide you in the interim with the following information:
1. Instructions to us are assigned on a “no collection – no fee” basis. This means that if we cannot collect, you will not pay any commission
2. We collect on overdue accounts from 30 days onwards/overdue up to 3 years overdue determined by the last service date/invoice date or payment date.
3. Our tracing service is included should you not know the whereabouts of the debtor.
4. Should payment be made by the debtor after handing over to us you will be kept liable for the collection commission. We refer to these as “paid direct” payments.
5. Should you hand over the debt and later decide to withdraw for any other reason outside the permitted “cooling off period” of 7 working days you will be liable for collection commission.
6. We have jurisdiction in the following courts: Port Elizabeth, Motherwell, New Brighton, Jeffreys Bay, Humansdorp, Hankey and Uitenhage Courts.
7. Should your debtor reside outside of these areas it might become problematic to issue summons from another court’s jurisdiction and we appeal to you to contact our legal department to enquire whether legal action will be possible.
8. The company has the right to determine whether legal action will be taken after considering facts based on the likelihood of successful collection, for example, jurisdiction, age of the debt, value of the debt, possibility of collection, if the debtor is
employed, does the debtor have removable assets to attach and/or the possibility of an Emolument Attachment Order on his/her salary.
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Benefits & Strategies

We strive for nothing less than excellence in the Debt Collection sphere by fully developing the potential of our biggest asset, our people! Along with providing a comprehensive network of support services, we aim to provide all of our clients with unparalleled results that go beyond their expectations

All Inclusive Debt Collection Service

Apart from the conventional processes that debt collectors follow we consider ourselves to be a rare find in the industry as we provide our clients with more benefits than the ordinary debt collection firm because:

  1. We don’t threaten to take legal action – we do. We follow the legal civil legal processes via our courts at no additional cost to our client.
  2. Our clients are not responsible for any legal fees because we are not attorneys and do not charge the traditional attorney client fees most clients are accustomed to being charged.
  3. All legal processing is performed onsite and is not outsourced so that we are in control.
  4. We do not outsource the tracing function. We specialise in the tracing of absconded debtors as this is also one of our main areas and is free of charge to our clients.
  5. We pride ourselves in Collect A Debt’s reputation and status for legal action if debtors don’t pay.
The majority of debt collection companies act as agents and can therefore not instruct attorneys to proceed with legal action because they do not own the debt.

We take Legal Action

Most debtors have become accustomed to ultimatums and threats of legal action by clients. We do not threaten but provide ample opportunity to the debtor to pay amicably failing which we follow through with legal action. Due to strict consumer protection legislation it has become more difficult to explore every available means to ensure that payments are made. If judgement is granted in our favour, and debtors still ignore the demands made through warrant of execution on property or debtors claim to have no immovable property, we will apply for a financial enquiry to personally appear in court before a Magistrate in terms of Section 65 of the Magistrate’s Court Act, 32 of 1944. The debtor must provide all his financials including all income and expenses including and not limited to his personal bank statements and assets. Should he fail after being served the notice by the sheriff of the court we will request the Magistrate to grant a Warrant for his/her Arrest. We want to get paid and we want to get paid immediately.

No Legal Fees

Our clients are not responsible for any legal fees because we are not attorneys. We have the right to determine which matters will follow the legal process based on the “Probability of Success Assessment”. This reports and examines whether the debtor is employed, has movable or immovable assets and/or has an income to satisfy the debt. However, if legal action is in process and a client should decide to withdraw the debt then the client will be held liable for legal fees.

Inhouse Legal Action Processing

We have the knowledge and expertise in following the civil legal processes via our courts without the intervention of outsourcing to attorney firms. We are proud of our hands on approach. We do mandate attorneys from time to time to appear on certain applications but this is strictly limited to court proceedings. Our inhouse department performs all legal processing onsite giving us the added advantage that we are not only in control of the processing but can report on any matter at any given time. We don’t have to rely on an outsourced attorney firm to report on a matter before we can report to our clients. Reporting is immediate. Court messengers deliver legal documentation on a daily basis between ourselves, the Clerk of the Court and the various Sheriffs of the Court to expedite the process.

No Charge for Tracing Services

Our database is designed to do cross-referencing and matching. We are subscribed to all the major registered credit bureaus with online access and instantaneous responses. The tracing of debtors is an added benefit and is free of charge and fully inclusive in our collection commission structure and forms part of the collection commission. We do not only offer specialised debt collection services but are the preferred service provider for a number of attorney firms and fund managers that rely on our expertise to trace the whereabouts of absconded persons or beneficiaries of pension funds.

Field Collectors

Our company employs only experienced specialised registered debt collectors to perform this function and have invested in a fleet of vehicles that operates from our premises. These specialists visits the debtors that have ignored or sidestepped our onsite debt collectors or when attempts have been made to contact them telephonically or by correspondence have failed. We then mandate the specialised field debt collectors to investigate the whereabouts of the debtors and to obtain written mandates for payment from the debtors.

No Collection – No Charge Policy

As a client, you’ll only pay for what we can collect, limiting the risk considerably. This is far more attractive than the conventional collection processes attorneys traditionally follow. Absolutely no upfront fees are payable and no deposits are needed. It is as simple as that. Through our “no collection, no fee/charge” policy, our clients pay a predetermined collection commission percentage on the capital handed over on successful recoveries. We carry the risk of collection and use our own capital to support the debt handed over as we are confident that with our proficiency we will get payment from your debtor.

Reputation Of Legal Action

Our company has a reputation for taking legal action and the regular, consistent unscrupulous debtors have discovered this over the years. This gives us the superior edge amongst our competitors. Once the debt has been identified as unpaid for a certain period and/or promises of payments are not kept, legal action will be instigated. We do not threaten to take legal action, we start the process and follow through as we are invested the process and are confident we will get our investment back.

Specialist Debt Collectors

We are specialist debt collectors. We are not part of a group of companies that have diversified into different functions. We focus on debt collection only.


Every employee in the company is registered with the Council for Debt Collectors and is skilled and trained to manage all types of debt. We are also sertified as a credit provider by the National Credit Regulator in terms of the National Credit Act, 34 of 2005.

National & International Networks

Our company has partnered with national and international debt collection companies to provide comprehensive collection services where needed, providing you with the benefit of a fully inclusive service at no extra cost.

Same Day Service

We have acquired internationally recognised award-winning debt collection software that enables us to import and upload your debt and documents immediately and issue case numbers within seconds. This together with cross referencing and matching is automated. The first step in the debt collection process is a “Letter of Demand” that is essential prior to initiating the legal court processes.

Immaculate Track Record

Our success is solely representative through honesty, integrity and trust. As stated before our Director has been in the industry for more than 28 years heading up debt collection companies. All employees adhere to a strict Code of Conduct as prescribed by the Debt Collectors Act, 114 of 1998. We can boast that we have a clean record with the Council for Debt Collectors, the regulatory authority in our industry.

Experienced Staff

Our experienced collectors have been through many collection experiences and have been trained to overcome all excuses presented by debtors. Our objective is to get past the gatekeeper, identify the decision-maker, overcome and challenge excuses and encourage your debtor to make payment.

Credit Bureau Database Access

Our systems are integrated to deliver fast and reliable access to major players in the industry to obtain information needed in profiling your debtors. We have direct access to identify Directorships and shareholding held by debtors, trace immovable property and assets and in addition are subscribers to all major registered credit bureaus.

World Class Manager System

Our innovative logic and sophisticated technology that is built into our software facilitates powerful business rules. Along with our unique workload management system, this further enhances this leading recovery software platform to provide unrivalled collections of all types of debt in volumes - easily and efficiently. The system is paperless and all documents are viewed online due to the integrated technology and is constantly upgraded. This allows our professionals to be more effective as they no longer have to deal with stressful administrative burdens as hand overs can be processes automatically with speed and simplicity and bulk reconciliation of account simplified.

Technology and Security

We utilize a sophisticated debt recovery software platform that has been specifically designed for quick and successful collection of arrear amounts by our trained collection professionals. Tremendous volumes of information and transactional data are executed at lightning speeds to process bulk handovers as well as enabling efficient collections on defaulting accounts. We are consistently and constantly upgrading our technology and adapting to latest legislation and external challenges. The latest Covid pandemic is only one of these challenges. Yes, we are doing things differently. Technology is expensive but critical in an environment of competitiveness and we are proud to make huge investments in this regard. We regularly update technology, network infrastructure, hi-speed printers, fibre data networks, telephone infrastructure and hi-speed scanners.


We have a large number of reporting tools.
All our clients receive a monthly report on all debts handed over

The Trust Statement is a periodic collection invoice sent to you once a month. It details debtor payments, client fees and rebates, and calculates amounts due to the agency and your details.

This statement generates an analysis of your agency’s recovery performance for you over one or more accounting periods.

This report is issued after the new accounts have been received from you and will confirm the amounts handed over and debtors details. In short, this is an acknowledgement of the accounts collected and amounts involved.

Clients may request this information when accounts are being forwarded to you for feedback on the actions or activity history that the particular debt has followed.

The Active Account Statement provides the status of the accounts currently being worked per client.