Welcome to the home of Collect A Debt (Pty) Ltd.
Collect A Debt is a South African based international debt collection company specializing in all aspects of collecting consumer and commercial debt.
We are of the very few debt collection companies that offer a fully inclusive integrated debt collection service that includes not only the conventional debt collection processes but also the entire legal process from invoice to judgement through the courts in terms of the Magistrate’s Court Act, 32 of 1944. This includes Warrant Of Execution On Property, Emoluments Attachment Orders on salaries and Financial enquiries (Section 65 procedures) inclusive of Warrant of Arrests should the debtor not appear in court.
Our conventional debt collection processes are not limited to telephonic contact, paper & paperless correspondence but also includes personal visits by our registered debt collectors to debtors at their place of work and/or home where possible.
We collect all and any types of debt (secured and unsecured) except rental collections. The older the debt, the higher the risk of no recovery hence the percentage rate offering under our Rates and Services section explained.

Our fees are based on an industry standard collection commission basis only. “No collection – No fee”. Our clients are only invoiced on successful collections.  There is no upfront payment.  
Due to our “No collection – No fee” policy and the costs incurred in the collection process we will persevere by every available means until we are paid. Our guarantee is that “If we cannot collect, nobody else can”. 
We accept any number and any value of debt.  No client is too big or too small – we welcome them all. 
We are duly accredited and operate on a local, national and international level having partnered with international debt collection networks. 
Our client base ranges from large corporate companies to smaller SME’s inclusive of professionals (medical practitioners) and individuals.  We operate in both Private and Public sectors. 

We offer free legal action on all matters handed over: (T’s & C’s Apply)


You will rarely find a debt collection company that has the ability and competence to offer a fully inclusive debt collection process from invoice to judgment via the courts.  In addition, all processes are performed and completed within the company itself, without the interference of third parties or outsourced attorney firms.  This gives us the edge above all other debt collection firms.
You can’t look at the competition and say you’re going to do it better, you have to look at the competition and say you are going to do it differently.” – Steve Jobs
  • We are HIGHLY COMPETITIVE and aspire to stay in the lead in the debt collection industry.  Our approach and interaction with debtors are endorsed by thousands of clients due to our high level of professionalism compared to our competitors.
  • We have the CAPACITY to provide a “same day service” to our clients as our technology enables us to take in large volumes in a paper or paperless form.
  • We are the PREFERRED debt collection service provider for the leading and largest third-party, short-term insurance company in South Africa for many years.
  • We are the most experienced in ALL TYPES OF DEBT compared to competitors. 
  • We offer a “One-Stop-Shop” service by offering a fully inclusive debt collection process from PRE-LEGAL TO POST LEGAL enabling us to have full control over every account from start to payment and can report on progress on any debt without delay.
  • Our Director has served on the National Council for Debt Collectors for 13 years. This experience enables us to present a professional, efficient outcome to our clients with the most effective in-depth solutions.
  • Our DEBT PAYMENT PLANS and variety of payment options are attractive to debtors.  This includes written debit order mandates, voice recorded debit order mandates, stop order instructions, cash payments, EFT’s, personal collections and speed point payments.
  • We are constantly considering and testing NEW IDEAS to do things differently to improve our service to our clients. 
  • The current workforce has a combined EXPERIENCE of 163 years in the debt collection industry. Due to attractive company incentives and commissions our staff remain committed to the firm and are passionate, stable, experienced, determined and skilled as a result.
  • Due to our “No collection – No fee” policy and the costs incurred in the collection process we will persevere by every available means until we are paid. Our guarantee is that “If we cannot collect, nobody else can”.
  • As a client-orientated business, we always strive to consistently comply with the specific needs of our different clients.  Whether you’re operating as a large, listed entity or as a smaller enterprise with a less comprehensive debtor’s book, we offer tailored solutions that meet your needs, and exceed your expectations.
  • We have established a truly remarkable track record with major corporate clients from virtually every spectrum of the marketplace including but not limited to retail, medical, financial and public spheres, both at a provincial and national level.