Debt Collection


    • From 30 days to 3 years overdue.


    • No collection no fee (no charge).


    • You pay us a collection commission depending on the age of your debt. E-mail us for a copy of our Terms and Conditions.


    • From 10% (30 days) to 30% (3 years) – Results based service (Terms and Conditions apply)


      • 10% collection commission rate for 30 days overdue on service date/invoice date
      • 15% collection commission rate for 60 days overdue on service date/invoice date
      • 20% collection commission rate for 90 days overdue on service date/invoice date
      • 25% collection commission rate for 120 days overdue on service date/invoice date
      • 30% collection commission rate for 150 days overdue on service date/invoice date


    • You hand us your overdue debts to collect and we charge you the agreed percentage of the capital amounts paid by the debtor.


    • Necessary fees and expenses in compliance with the Debt Collectors Act, 114 of 1998 will be charged to the debtor.  These charged are ONLY for the debtors account and are not payable by the client.  You, our client, are only liable for the % collection commission as mandated by you in terms of our agreement (terms and conditions) prior to handing over.

      Click here to see the fees payable by the debtor..


    • We use our extensive resources to obtain payment and make personal contact with your debtor through our powerful negotiating skills.


    • All Commercial and Consumer debts welcome.


    • Disputed and undisputed debts.


  • Tracing service included.

Collect A Debt – Debt Recovery & Tracing Solutions can immediately recover your delinquent accounts. With our commission only (no recovery no fee), recovering your outstanding accounts has never been more economical. With no upfront fee and a customised collection program, your recovery and financial growth from collections are greatly increased. Our specialised software and trained staff have set a new standard for recovery, and our programs include a variety of collection tools that are designed to locate, contact, report and secure payment on all accounts placed.

To place accounts for debt collection, simply complete and Submit Online. Should you have any questions or would like to discuss your particular needs before we get started, please contact us.

Easy steps to hand over ….
    • Submit Online Insturction


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