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Collection Rates (calculated from the oldest invoice date)

Invoice Age Commission Rate

Age of the debt is determined from the last date of the last payment, or in event that no payment was received, the date of last purchase/service rendered.

  • 0 to 30 days 10%
  • 30-60 15%
  • 60-90 20%
  • 90-120 25%
  • 120-150 30%
Our Terms and Conditions

* We refer the above account(s) to you for collection and you are authorised to proceed at once to collect the above amount. Commission will be charged on amounts collected, paid direct to me or settled by return of merchandise. In the event litigation deems necessary, we direct you, as our agent, to send the account to an insured and bonded attorney. You are authorised to accept payments and to endorse notes, money orders or cheques drafts for deposit; the net proceeds of which you are to remit to us. Please report all payments received at your office immediately.

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