Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why choose us as your collection agency?
A: We have the track record, systems and expertise to provide you with an all inclusive debt collection process. Our company offers you a free of charge legal process component not offered by any other debt collection firms.

Research shows that the longer the outstanding account, the higher the risk and chances of non-recovery.

Q: What is our fee?
A: Our fee structure is based on "No Collection, No Fee Commission" basis. We determine the collection commission percentage on the age of the debt. If your account is 30 days overdue we will charge you 10%, 60 days overdue we will charge you 15%, 90 days overdue we will charge you 20%, 120 days overdue we will charge you 25% and 150 days overdue we will charge you 30%.

Q: Can the agency charge a tracing fee?
A:┬áIt would be illegal for us to charge the debtor with a tracing fee as it does not form part of our allowed necessary fees and expenses and prescribed by the Act.  The tracing fee is generally charged by many other debt collection firms to the client account.  Our company provides this service free of charge..

Q: Can you charge the collection commission payable by me to the debtor?
A: Collect A Debt may not add collection commission to the debtors account as this will constitute improper conduct. However, if you have a signed agreement whereby it is agreed between you and the debtors that collection commission can be charged if handed over then you may do so as part of your balance due and that would be collectable.

Q: What is your turnaround time for collection?

A: We work on the cases between two to eight weeks before getting back to the clients. This allows us to perform all the necessary searches and investigations, to contact, make appointments with the debtors and to conduct all the necessary follow-up action.

Q: How can you hand over instructions to us?
A: You can submit your instruction via our submit online tab on or you can email us the statements of your debtors and all relevant information. Larger organisations can e-mail us in an electronic format and we import this into our database effortlessly.

Q: What type of debts do we collect?
A: In general, we accept all kinds of debt, except rental collections, provided that it is true, fair and just with the necessary supporting documentation to the claim.

Q: How old can the debt be?
A: All debt is due and collectable. However, in terms of prescription the courts will only approve judgement if the debt is less than 3 years. If the debtor has made arrangements to pay within the last three years then the date for prescription purposes are calculated from the promised or payment date and the service date.

Q: What are the lowest amounts that we collect?
A: We collect any amount outstanding amount. The smaller the amount the quicker it is paid.

Q: At what stage do we take legal action?
A: Our focus is to collect without legal action in the first place. Legal action is available when we have attempted every means to collect. Our software program is a pre-litigation series of personal contacts directed upon your debtor. It is the speed and intensity of these professional, personal contacts that gets the results both parties desire. Having said this, if legal action is required or recommended we will provide you with a report on what action has been taken. In terms of time frame this usually takes at least 6 months before we are actually at the point of moving over to legal action.

When is the right time to handover

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